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The First experience may be overwhelming with learning curves - the lingo, brands, models and DIY stuff.
Relax, we've been there too.
Here at Juice and Vapour, we aim for your safe, comfortable and enjoyable vaping journey.


Vaping is a healthier and non toxic for smokers with similiar experience/aspects of a regular cigarette/cigar.
There's inhaling and exhaling, the throat hittings and the clouds (probably better with Vaping).
Many people switch to Vaping as a stepping stone toward quit smoking cigarette/cigars permanently.

Overall transition from Smoking to Vaping may be a few days to few weeks,  everyone need time to get used to a cleaner and different chemicals in their body.
Some people have been known to have a reaction to Vaping. If you have not used these before, please trial with caution when using for the first time. Seek medical advice from your physicans before use.
Pen Types - Brief casual puffs, slim with a bit of style, great for light smoker and new to Vape.
Mod Types - Bigger for Daily use, built for endurance and some of 'all in one' features.   
Classic Types - For some class and great vaping, consider a Guardian.

Mouth to Lung (MTL) - Draw to mouth before inhale to lung, like a cigarette. Less clouds and reduce chance of a cough. Usually available in Pen Types and some Mods.
Direct Lung (DL) - Draw and inhale to lung directly, stronger and more clouds. Usually available in Mods and Classic types.

Not all Starter Kits comes with a Battery and need purchased separately.
All Electronic Vapourisers offer either or both: Temperature Control (TC - manual seting) and Wattage (W- simple/default setting). Be sure to familiarise/understand electronic and coils before use TC.
Every now and then, there's always a chance of a Juice leak.  Keep your Vapourisers upright whereas possible.
Do not overfill the Juice in tank/cartridge as it may spring a leak and a mess.
When travelling, close air vents to minimise a juice leak as nobody likes a wet patch.
Keeping components out of hot areas like cars, direct sunlight, next to stoves etc.
Be cautious with charging, not all electronic vapourisers are compactible with any adapters - Always double check power specifications and never leave devices charging unattended.
Replace Coils every 2-6 weeks, depends on your usage.  Signs can be when the juice taste burnt or chalky.
Clean your Kit regularly to maximise vaping enjoyment and experience, use cotton ear buds and tissues.
Register your Product with Manufacturer promptly for their warranty coverage - see information in the product box.
Flavourless Juices
Flavourless also called ‘Base’ or 'Unflavoured' Juice and is the main ingredient of E Juice/Liquid.
The Juice contain Vegetable glycerin and/or Propylene glycol, both are non toxic and are food grade.

Vegetable Glycerin (VG)
Vegetable glycerin, or glycerol, is a clear, thick and odorless liquid produced from plant oils.
Used in many products, including food, lotions, shampoo, and toothpastes.
Also can be used as topical remedy for burns.

Propylene Glycol (VG)
Propylene glycol, also called propane-1,2-diol, is a synthetic organic compound with the non toxic chemical formula C3H8O2
It is a clear, thin liquid and is nearly odorless.

Vegetable Glycerin (VG) = Sweet, Thick and produce Great Clouds
Propylene Glycol (PG) =  'Throat Hitter' like a cigarette, Thinner, Less Clouds

Mix Calculator: http://www.steam-engine.org/juice.asp

Juice and Vapour's Premium Flavourless juices are available in several mixtures of VG and/or PG: 100%, 70%-30%, 50%-50%.
The Juices are available in 100ml, 240ml, 500ml and 1 litre in Juice and Vapour.
Flavourless Juices can be used in refillable Plastic Dropper Bottles however,  Glass Bottles are recommended when mixed with flavours

Average Vapers puff 3ml - 5ml of Juice daily (approx 30ml a week) - exact measurements depends on your usage.
If new to Vaping and experiencing coughs, try adjust VG-PG ratio or change to Products with MTL capability.
Many Vapers enjoy vaping Flavourless without flavours as the taste is sweet like candy/icing sugar.
'Vaper's Tongue' is when flavours becomes weak (even you increased the concentrate).  Juice and Vapour recommend to switch to Flavourless for a short break (a week or two) then, resume using flavours again as the taste should resume normal again.
Flavour Concentrates
Flavour Concentrates are raw and highly packed of strength, similar to Cordials (drink).
Juice and Vapour's Flavour Concentrates are safe to Vape and can be used with beverage/food. You may use few drops into your lemonade or even in a cake to bake for a great flavour!
It is important to ensure your eliquid and concentrates are 100% free of Acetoin, Acetyl Propionyl and Diacetyl.
As a bonus, Juice and Vapour's flavour concentrates are also 100% free of Fat, Calories, Sweeteners and Preservatives.

Always to be used in tiny portion with Flavourless Juices (never to be consumed/used by itself).
Always steep  - leave fresh mixed Juice at least overnight or couple of days for a fuller and mature flavouring.
Recommend to start with approx 10 to 15%  (e.g. 3 or 4ml of flavour concentrate in a 30ml bottle) and steep. Increase the concentrate percentage if you'd like stronger flavours.
Concentrates tend to stick its flavour traces on plastics and may be difficult to remove. If change flavours regularly, recommend to use Glass Accessories for mixing and storage.
Rinse/Clean bottles, droppers, measuring cups, syringes with hot water only. Do not use any cleaning/detergent agents.
Sunlight and Heat can affect flavours, keep in cool and in shade (e.g. drawers, box or cupboard)
If you intend to import Nicotine,  Juice and Vapour recommends:

Import higher mg concentrates (as 'Base' and in PG) to last your supply longer. 
Nicotine and PG are 'throat hitters', use VG to dilute and cloud making.
Always dilute Nicotine in a very, very small amount. Use Mix Calculator: http://www.steam-engine.org/juice.asp
Always avoid contact with Nicotine as skin can absorb.
Aways store in shade, cool and out of children's sight/reach.
Try wean out of Nicotine over time as Vaping is awesome without.

Spare Parts
Experienced Vapers knows that spare parts are important backup in their daily vaping needs. Extra battery to use while charging other one, another tank for different flavour to vape on the go.

Coils expires after 3 - 5 weeks of vaping (depends on your consumption), it is good idea to include a pack of coils alongside with your purchases with Juice and Vapour.

Keep your batteries free from nicks, chips and away from sunlight/heat.
Ensuring the battery does not make contact with liquid
Ensure correct Battery, Coil and Tank/Cartridge type used in your Electronic Vapourisers
Generally, higher mAh in Batteries equals longer usage, depends on the product and your consumption use.
Generally, higher Ohms in Coils equals cooler vaping and less power consumption, depends on the Product and your consumption use.
Always ensure coils are soaked in the kit for at least few minutes before use. Some Products require longer soaking (eg V2 Pro), please check the instruction guides in kits and/or websites for guides.
Recommend to Draw/Puff without inhaling several times when using a new coil.  New Coils often produce a particular taste (like new car always have new car smell), juice should resume normal taste shortly.
New to Vaping?  Juice and Vapour recommend a Pack alongside with your starter kit.

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