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Q    Flavour Concentrates contain any toxic ingredients ?
A    All Products in Juice and Vapour are 100% free of  Acetoin, Acetyl Propionyl and Diacetyl. 
      As a bonus, all also are 100% free of Fat, Calories, Sweeteners and Preservatives !
Q    Where was the Flavour Concentrates made and bottled ?
A    Made in USA and bottled in Australia (for freshness)
Q    What is the Quality of Juice and Vapour's Premium Flavourless Juice ?
A    Juice and Vapour's Premium Flavourless Juice is one of the highest standards available in the world - 99.7% BP/USP Grade.
Q    Shelf Life of Juices and Concentrates ?
A    Flavourless Juices has a ballpark of 12 months shelf life.  Flavour Concentrates usually have a 18 - 24 months shelf life.
      All Juices and Concentrates should be kept out of sunlight, in cool and dry place (and out of children reach).
Q    Why only Flavourless Juices and Flavour Concentrates?
A    E-Juices are a pre-mixed of Vegetable Glycerin and/or Propylene Glycol and Flavour Concentrates.
      Pre-mixed E-Juice/Liquid by vendors/retailers are fixed in flavour percentages and VG/PG ratio - may not suit all tongues.
      Juice and Vapour simply provide you the Flavourless (base) Juice and Flavour Concentrates, you control the mix to your
      preferences (and a lot cheaper for you).
Q    Flavour Concentrates contain Nuts or Soy ?
A    Like most food and drink products in the world, our concentrates may contain traces of tree nut, soy or dairy products.

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Q    Why are there selective brands and models in Juice and Vapour ?
A    All Products in Juice and Vapour are tested and are rated as the world's leading brands and models - the best of the best.
Q    Juice and Vapour are an Authorised Retailer in Australia?
A    Yes, Juice and Vapour is Authorised Retailer in Australia for many brands



Q    Are the Products geniune ?
A    Yes - all Products in Juice and Vapour are sourced directly with Manufacturers and/or Authorised Distributors and Retailers.
Q    No Rebuildable Atomizers and parts ?
A    Currently, Juice and Vapour specialise in 'ready - to - use' electronic vapourisers and parts. Rebuildable Atomizers and parts
      may be introduced in future if there's demand and market.


Q    What payment methods are available?
A    We accept PayPal, including major Credit Cards.



Q    Shipping Options ?
A    All Australian destinations via Australia Post using Parcel Post (3-6 days) or Express Post (1-2 days), choose your shipping
      preference in the checkout.
      Free Parcel Post to all Australian destinations for orders over AU$75.00
      All battery orders will ship by Standard Parcel Post ONLY, please do NOT select Express Post.

Q    International Options ?
A    Juice and Vapour can ship all Products except battery to USA, UK and New Zealand using Standard International Post only.
      Please note of My Stash - Singularis and Duplus Editions are made of Paulownia wood. The products are fully fumigated and
      Australian Customs approved.
      Please check your country's wood import policies and you to prepare for any additional custom inspection/duties and
      For Orders - contact us for quote.