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Juice and Vapour cannot retail Products with Nicotine as sale of Nicotine is illegal in Australia.

Nicotine base (flavorless/unflavoured) available to import:




Some Common Senses in relate to Electronic Vapouriser,  Juice and Nicotine

Electronic Vapourisers:
Most states in Australia permit personal use
Do not Vape in smoke-free places and always check/ask before vaping.
Do not Vape around/near children under age of 16 (even at home or in vehicles).

Most states in Australia permit personal use
Most states in Australia permit a limit of 3 months quantity for personal use.
Extra care with handling/storage of Nicotine at all times as Nicotine is classified as Poison (and is Addictive) in Australia.
Latest Information:

Juice and Vapour recommend you to check/familiarise with your own State Laws before purchasing Products in Juice and Vapour.